Launch of the Updated Parents with severe mental health problems and/ or substance misuse protocol

Pauline Bird

The overarching aim of this Protocol is to ensure that the children of a parent(s) with severe mental illness or substance misuse receive appropriate support, safeguarding and protection. Agencies have a collective responsibility to protect children.  This requires effective communication and co-ordination of services at both strategic and operational levels.

It is essential that there is close cooperation and joint working by all Agencies involved with the family.  This may include Social Care, Health, Education, Police, Probation and the Voluntary Sector.  This Protocol provides the framework for joint working to ensure that children living with adults with severe mental illness and/ or substance misuse are safeguarded in North Wales.

All agencies need to work together in partnership with parents, wherever possible.  Policies & Procedures – Children’s

Also see 7 minute briefing – Assessment of Parent with Mental Health Problems  7 Minute Briefings

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