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Hannah Cassidy

Child Financial Exploitation

Child financial exploitation is a form of abuse.

seven, 7, number
Pauline Bird

new 7 minute briefings

The following 7 minute briefings are available:

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Pauline Bird

National Hoarding Awareness Week 2024 Monday 13th – Friday 17th May.

To celebrate 10 years since the first awareness week was organised, the theme iscentred around ...

Single Unified Safeguarding Review
Pauline Bird

Webinar: From research recommendation to government initiative: The Wales Safeguarding repository

This presentation will discuss the underpinning research, engagement with stakeholders to develop the SUSR and ...

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Pauline Bird

National action plan to prevent the abuse of older people

This plan sets out measures Welsh Government are taking across Government to ensure that older ...

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Pauline Bird

NWSB Strategic Business Plan 2024 – 25

The North Wales Safeguarding Children Board and The North Wales Safeguarding Adult Board is pleased ...