Publication of Concise Child Practice Review Report: CPR FLINT 2

Sara Lloyd Evans

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The Chair of the North Wales Safeguarding Children’s Board commissioned a Concise Child Practice Review in October 2014 following the death of a 2-week old baby who was known to Flintshire Social Services, but who was not the subject of child protection procedure. The cause of the child’s death was unascertained.

The final Concise Child Practice Review Report was sent to Welsh Government in September 2015 and, under the regulations, if any further action is needed the Welsh Government Safeguarding Team can draw in other parts of the Welsh Government and the Inspectorates Group as appropriate. In this case no further action was needed.

This was the first Concise Child Practice Review Report to be published by the North Wales Safeguarding Board under the new framework.

The independent reviewers identified several areas of good practice, such as the positive working relationship between the agencies and, in particular, highlighted good communication between the agencies. However, the case highlighted the need for early intervention when there has been a history of long term neglect. The reviewers concluded that professionals did not consider the needs of young and inexperienced parents and the additional support required.

The reviewers concluded that there was no evidence that the death of the child was predictable or preventable.

An action plan has been formulated and is being monitored by the North Wales Safeguarding Children’s Board to ensure that reflection and learning has taken place across all the agencies that worked with the family.

You can read the report on the Child Practice Review section.

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