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Hannah Cassidy

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two years since Solihull Approach online parenting courses were launched here in North Wales.  To date over 5,951 individuals from North Wales have started or completed one or more of the courses, which is a phenomenal figure, please see highlights within the above attachment.

Facts of interest to you:

In order to expand the reach to families across North Wales even further we have undertaken some analysis to establish how learners heard about the courses. The highest number of referrals has come from school settings at 31%. Some learners noted they heard about the courses through Social Services which is really encouraging, please see the data below on a local authority level.  

How can Solihull Approach support your workforce and service users?

Solihull Approach aims to increase emotional health and well-being, through providing a framework to understand and support the development and maintenance of sensitive relationships between parents / guardians and their infants /children / teenagers.

In turn, emotional attachment enables infants /children /teenagers to develop emotional and behavioural self-regulation skills for life, thereby increasing long-term resilience and mental health and wellbeing.

Particular features of the Solihull Approach courses are: 

  • Used for workforce development: increases skills and knowledge, consistency and shared language across agencies using the Solihull Approach
  • Used for early intervention and prevention in the early years
  • Used for everyone in a team e.g. children’s centre, parent and baby unit, school (from receptionists to support staff to teachers)
  • To provide support for parenting programmes from conception through to adolescence
  • It has a particular emphasis on including fathers
  • It increases the accessibility of parenting programmes through online courses, which have the same content as the face to face groups
  • To provide a theoretical framework for working with emotional and behaviour difficulties and provides supporting evidence e.g. for Ofsted

Please spread the word amongst your service users and staff:

Based on the success and interest in the Solihull Approach courses over the last two years, we have managed to extend the agreement and continue the license for an additional 12 months.

This means you can continue to promote and redirect your service users to the FREE courses until the 31st of October 2023.  You can access for free through using the code NWSOL. Once registered, families will have lifetime access to these courses.

Please findattached to this e-mail a flyer which you can use to promote the parent and courses for teenagers amongst your service users. You could print and place it as a poster around your establishment, upload to your service website, social media pages or promote within a newsletter.

We’d love to hear from you!

If you would like to discuss, or have any questions or comments relating to the Solihull Approach online courses please contact the Solihull Approach North Wales team by e-mailing, we would love to hear from you and would appreciate your thoughts and ideas very much by completing our questionnaire for staff on Solihull Approach, it won’t take more than 5 minutes to complete via this embedded link.

Thank you for your continuous support in promoting Solihull Approach online courses on our behalf.

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