Modern Slavery

Are you aware that there have been cases of Modern Slavery in North Wales?

In Wales, labour exploitation is the second most common form of modern slavery, after sexual exploitation with the agricultural, food, hospitality and construction sectors being particularly vulnerable to forced labour practices.

Were you aware that many of the victims had been brought here legally?

They think they are coming here for one reason e.g. legitimate work, but then once they arrive they find themselves trapped and controlled by people they had trusted.

Did you know that it isn’t always foreigners who are involved?

Vulnerable UK citizens can also fall victim to modern slave masters.
Modern Slavery also happens in rural communities where you least expect it!

Be vigilant, look out for the signs, and if in doubt report it!
Want to know more?

To increase your knowledge of Modern Day Slavery, please watch the short videos on the links below to raise your awareness.

Wales Anti-Slavery Film :

BBC Anthony Harrison report:

Lucy Adeniji BBC Report:

Connor Family:

Channel 4 News:


Tackling Modern Slavery in the Hotel Sector in Wales.

Suspected incidents of Modern Slavery should be reported as follows:-
In case of any Emergency: dial 999
For a Non-emergency: dial 101
If wanting to report anonymously, call Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

National Modern slavery helpline: 0800 0121700
Support for victims of Modern Slavery in North Wales: call BAWSO on 0800 731 8147