Workforce Development and Learning Safeguarding Training Sub group

The Workforce Development and Learning Safeguarding Training Sub group are committed to ensuring that everyone working with children, young people and adults in our community have the right skills and knowledge, to provide the right support and interventions to protect them from abuse and harm.

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Regional All-Age Multi-Agency Training Strategy

Safeguarding people is everybody’s business.  The  North Wales Workforce Development and Learning Safeguarding Training Safeguarding sub group is committed to providing high quality multi-agency training programmes, supporting professionals and volunteers working in statutory, private and third sector organisations to safeguard and promote people’s wellbeing, which includes prevention and protection from abuse and neglect and other kinds of harm.

Standards for safeguarding training

Guidance for commissioners

This guidance is supplied to support commissioners (those who commission or appoint trainers to deliver safeguarding training in Wales, for payment, to the workforce for children and adults at risk in Wales) to engage effective and appropriate trainers.

This guidance should be viewed as aspirational for individuals intending to become deliverers of safeguarding training (or any specific topics within the wider remit of safeguarding e.g. Prevent), and for commissioners of in-house trainers, or those who deliver safeguarding training as part of a wider job role.

Safeguarding is a very particular and demanding topic to deliver. It is vital to the competency of the workforce who safeguard others that they are trained by those with sufficient sensitivity, knowledge and credibility.

Standards for safeguarding training (November 2019)