Modern Day Slavery & Human Trafficking Referral Pathways

Pauline Bird

North Wales Protocols

Victims of modern slavery and human trafficking should be given protection, provided with
the help they need to recover from their experiences and gain access to the justice they

Referral pathways provide an understanding of the current system in place to help victims
and what everyone’s responsibilities are.

Welsh Government, The Modern Slavery Unit within the Home Office, National Crime Agency and a number of other organisations have produced guidance and process charts that are aimed at those who may come across a potential victim of modern slavery or human trafficking. Therefore to avoid repetition and make use of expert advice this document will link to national documents and organisations for further information.

This document should be read alongside the Wales Safeguarding Procedures 2019 and the Wales Modern Slavery Pathway 2020, which this pathway will sit behind as a local ratified pathway. Referral Pathways

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